The Cedarmere Elementary School community will build the foundation to prepare students for the 21stcentury global economy and multicultural society.  We will develop students’ academic skills and strong character to create lifelong learners and productive citizens who are able to think and reason so that they can make responsible decisions in an atmosphere of concern for others. 


Cedarmere Elementary Schoolteachers, staff, students, families, and community will work together as partners to encourage a love of learning and achievement in a safe, nurturing environment where everyone respects and values themselves and others for their individuality. 


At Cedarmere Elementary School we value happy, healthy, productive children.  To ensure success we will:

  • Provide a safe learning environment for staff and students.
  • Create a child-centered school environment where children and adults have a genuine sense of belonging.
  • Share the responsibility for learning with parents, teachers, students and community.
  • Show courtesy and respect for all members of the learning community.
  • Use our resource effectively, efficiently, and ethically.
  • Commit to utilizing research based instructional practices.
  • Provide access to technology that promotes learning for all members of the school community.
  • Work as a community of learners to maximize individual and school-wide growth. 
  • Analyze, plan, implement, and evaluate growth and achievement continually to optimize learning.
  • Recognize and respect the individual differences in children and tailor instruction to meet their needs.
  • Promote and celebrate excellence in academics, the arts, athletics, and life skills.

We are dedicated to continuous improvement by demonstrating active citizenship and a commitment to lifelong learning.