Just an FYI in case you are asked
Q. How long does it take to get the prizes? A. The participation prizes are sent with your school's materials to start your program and distributed the day your student returns their participation code. The prizes earned from the student sales are generated to ship 16 days after your program starts, again 60 days after the program starts and then every 30 days throughout the year. Depending on the time of year and the package carrier, delivery times will vary.
Q. How long does the program last?
A. Once opened, your SchoolStore website is open for one full your school earns money all year long from the Family Bookstore, the national online merchants and the donated Caring For Classrooms gift cards. The Family Bookstore orders, and gift card donations also count toward student prizes throughout the school year. You are free to encourage parent participation all year long.
Q. I have staff members who would like to help, but do not have a student in our school. How can they sign up to help? A. They should go directly to and search for your school by name then shop.
Q. What is the turn-around time on products ordered by those supporting our school? A. Orders from the Family Bookstore usually ship within 2 weeks. Magazines are different for every publisher but most start within 8 weeks...those that publish less frequently may take longer. Delivery for orders placed with the national merchants are subject to that merchant's delivery policies. Q. How does the student prize program work? A. The prize program is cumulative...meaning when you earn points for a certain also earn all the prize below that prize. They ship to the school in 7 days from the start of your program, then again, every 30 days as long as more prizes are earned. Q. How many emails does a parent have to send for their student to earn a participation prize? A. The program is designed for the student to earn the participation prize when they have sent at least 6 emails. Additional prizes may be earned when more emails are sent.
Q. Where do my teachers redeem their Caring For Classrooms gift cards? A. At Q. How does someone stop getting emails promoting our SchoolStore program? A. Tell them to simply click on the UNSUBSCRIBE link that is displayed on the next email they receive.