Funding Factory

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Dear Parents,

It is with great enthusiasm that Cedarmere Elementary continues participating in a
program called the Funding Factory Cartridge/Cell Phones Recycling Program.
Laser and inkjet cartridges are found in printers, fax machines and desktop copiers in
homes and at businesses. Your place of employment can support us by registering for the Funding Factory Business Support Program. By supporting Cedarmer Elementary, you simply donate your empty cartridges or old cell phones to us. There is never a cost involved--- this is a FREE program and all boxes and shipping are paid for by the Funding Factory.

Your support of this cartridge/cell phone recycling program will help teach our children that recycling makes dollars and sense. Through the Funding Factory’s point system, we can earn dollars as we accumulate points. More important, your support will help supplement additional school materials for Cedarmere Elementary.
You can donate empty cartridges/cell phones by placing them in the collection box which has been set up in the front lobby. If your company is interested in supporting our cause, you can register online at www.fundingfactory/adoptaschool  Our Participant ID# is 22814 and you will need this to register your company on the website.

To learn more about supporting Cedarmere Elementary, please call Kathy Biles or Chris Millirons at 410-887-1100
For more information on Funding Factory, visit or call, toll-free 1-888-883-8237
We welcome your questions, support,cartridges and cell phones. Thank you in advance for your participation.

Kathy Biles                                                     Laura Brown
Chris Millirons                                                 Principal
Program Coordinators